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This process encourages you to build a strong inner and outer core foundation so you shine during the highs and lows of being your own boss. It guides you in breaking through fears, blocks, feelings of being overwhelmed, and self-doubt. You are not alone. You will discover how to apply a learning mindset to navigate the demands of constant change and the need to wear many "hats."


I help aspiring entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and small businesses to define their path, radiate confidence, grow to their truest potential, and to live a prosperous and meaningful life. I will be one of your greatest advocates while challenging you not to play small. Deep down, you know you are here for a reason and are part of something greater than yourself. The entrepreneurial path is not an easy one but the freedom, financial independence and creativity is so worth it!


Are Ready to Start on Your New Adventure?


One-on-one packages can be tailored to your needs by selecting topics from the following areas. I will be happy to help you customize a program.

Your Outer-CORE

  • Develop your personal brand story

  • Create messaging for use in marketing

  • Use core values as a compass forward

  • Learn how to turn challenges into opportunities

  • Identify and magnetize your ideal clients

  • Create attractive offerings

  • Develop a step by step plan for success

  • Implement self-accountability systems

  • Overcome fear of speaking

Your Inner-CORE

  • Find your why and discover your passion

  • Define success on your terms

  • Gain clarity of your vision and purpose

  • Define your brand’s core values

  • Align your authentic self with your business vision

  • Breakthrough blocks, fears, and self-doubts

  • Increase confidence, self-knowledge and charisma

  • Program your mind for success

  • Embrace your gifts, strengths and personality

My Commitment to You

In working together, my commitment is to fan the flame that

lives within and help you bring your vision into the world. I'll encourage your growth, success and well-being by:

  • Holding your dream when it seems overwhelming or too far away

  • Supporting you in being your best self even when it’s hard

  • Being a sounding board and sharing your goals, dreams, and challenges

  • Encouraging you to do things beyond what you thought possible

  • Pushing to breakthrough what holds you back

  • Assisting in translating your vision into an action plan for success

  • Fostering accountability to achieve results

  • Celebrating your successes and reminding you how wonderful you are!

"The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion." - Terry Orlick

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness."

- Lao Tzu


Building Your Business Power

Building the Dream
3-Month Program
I work with aspiring entrepreneurs who feel stuck and unfulfilled within the walls of the corporate structure. They have an aching in their heart because they know they are meant for something more. More freedom, more creativity, more financial rewards, more control over their destiny—more authenticity. They feel they are ready to make their mark but not quite ready to leave the security of a steady paycheck. Does this sound like you? Rest assured you do not need to leave your current position to start the process of translating your vision, purpose and unique talents into a viable business.
You decide how many hours to invest in your new business and together we address the internal and external challenges of creating a new business along with developing a plan of action. Are you ready? Sign up for a complimentary session or contact me to learn more.
Program includes:
  • 7 Coaching Sessions (45 min)

  • 2 Check-ins (10 min)

  • Action Plan Summaries

  • Email Support

  • Tools and Resources

A Goal Without a Plan

is Just a Wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Mindset for Success

5-Month Program


I believe we are all born with an inner vision and sense of purpose plus the gifts and talents to realize our greatest vision. However, it’s critical to align who we are with what we do. What interferes with our greatness is not honoring our authenticity nor developing the proper mindset to accomplish our intention. It is the mindset that determines our thinking and feelings which in turn determines our actions. The power of our actions can open or close the door to true greatness.

The Entrepreneurial Journey is life affirming and an exciting one. It's also filled with the inevitable ups and downs along with the need to face our fears and self-doubts. In order to stay mentally and spiritually strong it’s essential to create and maintain a mindset for success. We work together to develop clarity as to where you want to go, how you want to get there and what's standing in your way. We create a personal mental blueprint that helps you navigate the mountains and valleys along your journey to success as you define it. If you are ready for this adventure, sign up for a complimentary session or contact me to learn more.

Package includes:


  • Kick-Start Session (60 min)

  • 10 Coaching Sessions (45 min)

  • 4 Check-ins (10 min)

  • Action Plan Summaries

  • Email Support

  • Tools and Resources

Success Starts from Within.

9-Month Program


Ready to build the business of your dreams and make your mark on the world!

Passion to Prosperity Coaching Program guides you on your entrepreneurial journey, aligning your InnerCore and OuterCore to create a strong foundation for growth. Where your vision, passion, purpose and desire to make a difference merges with building a prosperous business and a life that matters. This program requires a commitment to developing a mindset for success, moving through blocks, fears and limiting beliefs to reach a place of joyful authenticity. During this process you will learn to appreciate your value and charging what you are worth.

We start from where you are right now; gain clarity on where you would like to go, identify what has worked well and not so well, set reachable goals and then create an action plan with targets. Are you ready to define success on your terms? Sign up for a complimentary session or contact me to learn more about how the process works.

Package includes:


  • Intense Strategy Session (60 min)

  • 18 Coaching Sessions (45 min)

  • 6 Check-ins (10 min)

  • Develop a Success Plan

  • Action Plan Summaries

  • Email Support

  • Tools and Resources

Passion to Prosperity
Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

8 Week Group Program in Raleigh-Durham, NC

​Does the thought of speaking to groups wreak havoc in your soul?  Do you freeze up, forget what you want to say, or just want to run for the exit? You are certainly not alone!

This 8-week course guides you through the Zimmer Method* to develop an authentic style for public speaking, meetings and presentations. You will develop a foundation of comfort, confidence and personal presence, so you feel free to speak from your heart.

This is not a traditional approach to public speaking or performance skills that focuses on your outside image, external mechanics or constant critiques. Instead its all about authenticity, inner dynamics, and inner techniques that open you up in front of others naturally and in a safe space. Once you're comfortable being yourself in front of others the stage fright often disappears.


This group is forming, so please fill out the Let's Connect form to let me know if you are interested in attending. The location will be in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.

*This course is based on Sandra Zimmer's book: It's Your Time to Shine.

How is the fear of public speaking impacting

your business?

What aren't you doing?